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Retractable Seating

Our retractable systems can transform venues into multipurpose halls and seated sporting arenas instantly. 

Each system is designed to fit the project's space and requirements, with a variety of options for seats, peripherals, and accessories. It provides the freedom to plan and use the location for different occasions. 

Safe Mechanism

The system has a dual locking mechanism that is activated when extending or retracting the system. The structure is made from heavy-duty, spring-loaded steel, ensuring that each platform will extend and retract individually and safely. The guide rollers ensure that the system stays straight and true to its path during every operation.

Strong and Durable

The system has been designed and developed to be secure and durable due to the heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel used for the understructure (per USEPA standards). A self-supporting structure for each deck includes a combination of inclined and horizontal braces that ensures a durable system that can be in operation for years.

Floor Protection

Our platform has wider wheels to provide a better grip across all types of surfaces and increase efficiency. The wheels are covered with soft polyurethane to reduce the risk of damage to the floor and carpet. 


Our precision-engineered retractable system provides high durability and reliable performance with minimal maintenance. The understructure of the installed system has a 10-year warranty directly after being signed upon completion of installation.

Seat Types and Models

Creative Designs

The seats and armrests automatically tilt upwards when people stand up. The system allows the seats to fold down to be neatly tucked away.

 Tip Up 

The backrest folds down upon retraction of the system. Upon extension, spectators will lift the backrest to an open position.

 Fold Down 

Bench type seats provide the easiest maintenance, and provide the most flexibility and seating capacity in small spaces. These benches can be provided with optional backrests.


Storage Options

Wall Attached

The last row of the system is either fixed on the floor, behind a wall, or both. The system will subsequently extend one deck at a time from the first row at the bottom.

Wall Recessed

The system is stored under the cantilever. By pulling on the lowest deck, each level will extend one at a time until it reaches the end.

Forward Retracted

The first row is fixed onto the floor whereas the last row is extended to the back and retracted to a frontal direction.



The system can be moved around using a special portable trucking trolley and it should be retracted entirely prior to it being moved. Once the system is moved to the designated area, it can be extended or retracted manually or by a motorized operation.


Operation: Platform

Automatic Operation (Motorized)

The geared motor has four or six wheels to help smoothly extend or retract the system. The wide surface area wheels provide a safe mode of operation and additional protection to the floor. 


Portable Electric Pulling Unit

A motor is equipped on a specially operated cart. When extending or retracting the system, the operating cart must be connected to the first deck.

Portable Manual Pulling Unit

There are no electrical parts on the manual pulling units. When extending or retracting the system, the manual pulling trolley must be linked to the first deck of the system where it is pulled manually by the operator.


Operation: Seats

Automatic Rising and Lowering

The automatic raising and lowering system enable the seat to raise up or down during retraction and recession. The motor gearbox is placed under the seats will be covered by a folded steel plate, ensuring maximum safety of the audiences. A total of 10 seats can be linked together for operation.

Portable Electric Pulling Unit

The seats are raised up or down manually using a crank bar or a foot pedal. The bar locks or opens the device which is located below the operating box. For ease of operation and safety, we recommend not more than 4 to 5 seats being linked together.

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